By confirming an order on the website, the customer confirms having read, acknowledged and is agreeing with the general sales conditions. The general sales conditions is available and printable at anytime online.

MGX Network Itd reserves the right to modify the general sales conditions at any time. Thus, the applicable conditions will be those at the order moment.


The pictures aren’t contractual, only the title and the descriptions shall apply.

The website is powered by MGX Network Itd and offers an online shop about trendy and innovative products. Within the limit of available product stock, MGX Network’s products and services are those in the catalogue shop. All our products are supported by a description sheet made by our team members.

All of the pictures are as alike as possible to the product in the catalogue but the aren’t the most perfect representation of the product, particularly with the colors.

Article 3- PRICES

The applicable prices showed are excluding taxes for the France and the European community, the prices and taxes are the ones on the legal terms at the order time.

MGX Network Itd have the right to modify the prices at anytime, but the charged prices will be the one at the confirmation order time.

Articles 4- STOCKS

Our products are available as long as they are visible on our website, within the limit of available product stock.

If the product is available after the confirmation of the order, we will notify you by email. The order of the product will be replace by another similar product, if this option is possible with the agreement of the customer and the company.