With our office based in the heart of the biggest fabrics, trimmings and clothing accessories market of China, we seek every day the latest products to keep being aware.
Our advantage is our reactivity. We know that what makes difference for our customer is to get a new style, new material, a new design of trims as fast as possible. We can do that because of our proximity, our experience and our network.

Sewing Thread, Button, Rivet, Stopper, Interlining, Lining, Metal Badge, Elastic, Zipper, Shoulder Pad, Hook and Loop, Twill Tape, Velcro Tape, Lace, ring, eyelet, snap, swivel, embroidery, printing and more… we have an impressive portfolio of trims that you need for your garment production.

Sourcing service

To satisfy our customer request, we invite them to directly contact us to define their requirement about quality, fabrics, style, color, design, cutting… then we will seek the best match product or ask the factory to produce it.

Send us your draw, photos, dimensions, ideas and we will check with the most suitable factory to make it real for you. We will make a sample and control the production to ensure the efficient delivery that clients expect.

Online buying

Mgx network is your link to China for easy purchase. We are developing an interface to let you be aware of the newest trim products from China.

You have access to a weekly updated list of trims from all our partners from the marketplace of “Zhongda fabrics and accessories market” known as the world biggest market for fabrics, accessories and trimmings, with more than 1.000.000 square meters full of booth. Our team go through all the market every day to check for you the ideal partner for your products at the best price.



We can also create models who fit your markets and newest trends. We are specialized in modern urban clothing, using the last innovation in textiles and accessories to give you the best quality every time. MGX network collaborate with different brands all around the world with OEM/ODM or stock solutions.

ODM solution

Based on your ideas, we will develop with you your products together from the beginning till the end.

We will suggest you the ideal material, process, technology based on your request, budget and product expectation.

This solution is suitable for small/ medium company who want to launch a new product based on their ideas to get a unique product in the end.

OEM solution

Based on your specification we will make a sample and confirm with you every step of the process, confirm the quality of each pieces of the clothe and find the right fabrics to make it.

After your approval, we will start the production and control it for you till the end.

This service is more suitable for large production of customer who already know what they want and look for a factory who can make it follow their plan.


MGX network create its own model of man and woman garments, that you can buy in small quantity to resell it in your country.

We make clothe for local and international market, aware by the latest trends and hot products. Because of our international team and the feedbacks of our customers, we understand clearly Asian, European and Latin countries markets and expectations.

We try to detect the hottest products and make what customers want their new collections. You are welcome to consult us for more information about how we can collaborate.